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Old Faithful Holsters - Inside the waistband - Hybrid Belly Gun Holster

1.00 LBS
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Product Description

Belly holsters are a verey popular way to carry. They are easy to hide and comfortable. Belly holsters are also known as "appendix holsters". They can be worn on the side or up front.

  • Veteran Owned Business
  • Made in USA
  • Intelligent hybrid design
  • User-adjustable ride height
  • User-adjustable cant
  • Genuine dyed leather for superior beauty
  • Designed for fast access to pistol grip for speed draws
  • Logo  free belt clips that hide better
  • Noise free belt clips
  • User-adjustable reention system holds gun tighter or looser
  • Customizable Kydex colors
  • Sturdy .093 outer Kydex shell for added strength
  • Comfortable 10-12 oz leather
  • Luxurious English Bridle Leather
  • Pre-threaded clip holes for faster adjustments
  • 50 year unconditional warranty
  • 30 day risk-free trial
11 reasons why Old Faithful Holsters are the best:

Reason #1: Recognized as

"The World's Stealthiest & Most Comfortable Holsters"

We've made gun holsters for many of the biggest names in the firearms industry.

People like Tom Gresham, Mark Walters, and even Lars Larson have an Old Faithful Holster. Even undercover law enforcement officers are using our gun holsters.

Why? Because we make the most concealable and comfortable holsters in the world. They'll need an X-Ray to see your gun, even if your shirt is tucked in, because these holsters are completely tuckable.

When you try on an Old Faithful Holster for the first time, you'll immediately feel the comfort. You won't wince from the sharp jab of cold steel. They are designed to keep the hard edges of a gun comfortably off of your body without sacrificing concealment.

Your skin will only feel the soft, comfortable, high quality leather.

You'll have easy access to your gun, but it will be out of your way until you need it. A common customer remark is "I forget I'm wearing it most of the time."

Reason #2: 50 Year UNCONDITIONAL Warranty

Every Old Faithful Holster Kit comes with a FIFTY YEAR, unconditional, fully transferrable warranty.

That means that if your dog chews up your holster 40 years from now, we'll replace it.

Even if you sell it to a friend and his ex-girlfriend sets it on fire as payback for some unsavory behavior. We'll repair or replace it  FREE!

Every component of the holster is covered, so rest easy. No matter what may ever happen to your Old Faithful Holster in the next 50 years, you'll never have to worry about having to buy another one.

Reason #3: Gun Owners Prefer Old Faithful Holsters

We have way more FaceBook fans than any other holster maker in the world!
That's not a coincidence. We've sold many thousands of gun holsters and we consistently maintain a 99% customer satisfaction rate. Our customers come back to us time and time again. We couldn't be prouder of their approval.

Reason #4: Our Holsters are Designed SMARTER

Each of our holsters was designed completely from scratch to be extremely concealable, incredibly comfortable, and highly functional. All of this is combined with components of such high quality, it'll put the other guy's stuff to shame.

We start with the perfect shape for a natural draw and all-day comfort. We use thicker leather, which is more comfortable. Others use cheaper 8oz skirting leather, while Old Faithful Holsters only uses high quality 10-12 English Bridle leather.

The outside edge of the gun holster has a kydex shell that is precision molded for an exact fit. It is specifically designed not to collapse when your pistol is pulled out of the holster.

We use .093 kydex in our gun holsters, while our competitors use .060. It is 50% thicker and about 100% stronger. This means your gun holster will stand up to any abuse you can throw at it.

It also means that the kydex shell won't crack after repeated use (a far too common problem with .060 kydex holsters).

Reason #5: Our Leather is MUCH Better

It is thicker, softer, and better made - right here in the United States of America.

Why is our leather better? It has waxes and sealers embedded right into it during the tanning process. It's also drum dyed (a rarity among our competitors). It will never wear out, nor will it ever need any maintenance of any kind.

Other holster companies prefer to use thinner leather in their products. Why? Cost is one factor. Another reason is because they can't get the stuff we use from their foreign leather companies.

Don't let your holster company pass cheap leather off on you. Make sure it's Drum Dyed 10-12 oz English Bridle or nothing. It will last longer, perform better, and just plain looks better.

Reason #6: Our Kydex is Stronger

We use .093 kydex while almost everyone else uses .060 kydex.

Our thicker kydex is about 100% stronger than the cheaper thin stuff used by the other guys. The thinner kydex used by others tends to CRACK after repeated use.

Old Faithful Holsters has NEVER had a single report of a cracked holster. Our holster will outlive you.

That's why we're the only company to offer a 50 year UNLIMITED warranty. Read the fine print - other companies either offer a LIMITED warranty or no warranty at all.

Reason #7: Screws are Better than Rivets

Nearly all other hybrid gun holsters are riveted and have no retention adjustment.

What does this mean?

When a hybrid holster is worn, the leather "breaks in". That means it forms to the shape of your body AND your gun. The pocket in the leather created around your gun will almost always cause the gun to become loose in the holster.

If your holster is made with money-saving rivets, you'll have to send it in for repair.

Don't you agree that you should be able to adjust your gun holster's retention at home?

We think so too.

If you're clever enough to own an Old Faithful Holster, you'll simply tighten the screws on your holster a few turns and you're back in business without waiting weeks for a repair.

Old Faithful Holsters are also adjustable for angle (cant) and height. By raising or lowering the one of the clips, the angle will tilt forward or backward.

By raising or lowering both clips at the same time, the ride height will change.

Reason #8: Discreet, Noise-Free Belt Clips

The clips make sure your gun holster doesn't come loose when you draw your weapon.

This gun holster kit includes sturdy steel belt clips instead of plastic clips so you'll know your gun holster will perform properly when you need it to.

Our sturdy clips are unmarked so they won't give you away when you are carrying. In our opinion, a belt clip is no place for a logo; there are plenty of other places to advertise. They are also coated in black oxide, making them extremely resistant to wear and rust. Their special finish also makes them "noise-free". Many other holsters squeak when you walk, because they don't use the same black oxide coating.

Reason #9: We Use Superior Hardware

The screws, t-nuts, and finishing washers in our holsters are all black oxide coated for a finish that will never rust, but is also more discreet if accidentally exposed.

Many other gun holsters have shiny hardware that isn't black oxide. Hardware that isn't black oxide coated is more visible and possibly prone to horrible rust issues.

Reason #10: Faster Access to Your Weapon

Our holster was designed to allow faster access to your weapon.

The leather is designed so that you don't have to fumble your fingers through the small gap between your gun and the leather of the holster. Most other holster companies blatantly ignore this very important feature. Some even CHARGE YOU EXTRA to trim the leather to where it should be in the first place.

Reason #11: Our Holsters are Customizable

The other guys tell you what color kydex and leather you will get. We ASK YOU what colors kydex and leather you want.

Our holsters are available in a large variety of colors. It's YOUR holster. Make it how YOU want it. If your holster company doesn't want to be bothered by customizing your holster, you shouldn't bother them with your order.

Watch This Video To See How to Wear and Use Our Gun Holster 

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